Cost of Living

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Norman County has a cost of living so efficient that you will have time to enjoy it's benefits with those who matter most.


My favorite things in life don't cost any money.It's really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time. - Steve Jobs


According to a survey by Smart Asset, with a score of 99.81 of 100, Norman County is the #1 Minnesota county for its value and #6 in the nation. The study was conducted by financial technology company Smart Asset. It compared counties across the U.S., measured local crime rates and school quality relative to effective property tax rates.


In addition to the Smart Asset study, according to the University of Minnesota, rural Minnesota is enjoying a relatively new phenomena, the “Brain Gain”, a trend of population increases in ages 30-49 into rural areas across Minnesota. This trend, highlighted in the 2012 report by Benjamin Winchester, Continuing the Trend: The Brain Gain of the Newcomers A generational analysis of rural Minnesota Migration,1990-2010, is bringing a resurgence to rural Minnesota as many of these newcomers are highly educated with families, which ultimately impacts the community in a positive way. 


The report states “The leaders found that the top reasons cited for migration to rural Minnesota include: 1) a desire for a simpler life, 2) safety and security, 3) affordable housing, 4) outdoor recreation, and 5) for those with children, locating a quality school. Surprisingly, jobs were not found in the top 10 reasons. In short, the decision to move was based on concerns about quality of life.” 

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